Whatz Steve’s Review

Ok.   Steve will start doing reviews on products,  on companies,  on places.

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It is sad to say this.  Even in this economy,  employees that do work in the conditions that they’re met,  such as Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, and other stores throughout the country owned by the bankers,  the employees should get a gross monthly profit.  It is a true fact,  anyone, who works for a company should get it and doesn’t.   The rewards are often the CEO’s salary and then some down the offices depending on the totem pole.

If the big box stores do what they,  why can’t the mom and pop shops do the same?   What rights do the big box stores have that the little guy doesn’t?

My niece works at a supermarket in Philadelphia and doesn’t make $15- $25. hr and her mother questioned me.  So I said,  you’re right it’s none of my business how much your daughter earns,  yet the managers salaried earn more and don’t have the correct direction in the store and expect the employees to take the wrath and communication issues with customers.  If employees had better direction and better motivation as well as earned over $15 hr instead of $2 more hazard pay and be more productive than the employees would be happier.

Stop worrying about company policies,  stop listening to the news,  stop going on social media, and bring back productiveness to the workforce.

I also thrift and resell items and do 60 minute work week.  Recently as some thrift stores were sold books,  boardgame,  and then another item.  I paid $2.25 and earned $75 for it.   Less work and more freedom.  I treated myself to the uspecans.com where they have the shipping software that prints out a label, ships to my address in under 3 days and I enjoy roasted pecans.