Whatz Steve Buy and how he did it!

We will have more to come.  Time to educate people that yes even during this pandemic,  things can get done.   Steve is an example.  New iPhone, hp desktop, mailing scale for the past 2 yrs, it tells me the weight exactly and I don’t have to call mailroom,  post office, ups, etc.

Launching a successful Amazon store,  eBay will pick up.

Proving to my sister who worked at a hair salon and does cosmetology,  she even does believe actually the value and gave a positive review on uspecans.com.  She dissed me in the past,  well big brother wins this one.  Now, we help each other out.

My aunt was my biggest critic,  now she left a positive review on uspecans.com because she believes me,  she knows a decent product from an awesome company and knows her shipment will be at her residence in Michigan in under  3 days.

People to this day,  at least some and say.   “You bought iPhone 11, you have money”.   That actually ticks me off.  You know why?    Because people don’t see certain things for the value,  just the price.   Years ago,  before Alexander and I met,  I didn’t know what the value meant.  Now I do.  It also sickens me that 3rd party apps like Mercari, Poshmark,  Etsy also love those types of sellers and see just the price.

Speaking of Mercari,  let’s give our 2 cents about the app.  Mercari.

We tried posting pecans up,  you know the chocolate covered ones,  honey roasted, cinnamon.   You can describe them all you want,  the postage amount actually isn’t even correct,   the pictures are cool to upload(probably the best feature),  the tag words,  like really!   How about organic searches.   From a 1-10,   1 lowest and 10 the highest,  we give it a 2.   How can you post a price and you have their metrics?   Mercari pulls the discount price bait and switch tactic.   They honestly do.  Now,  we’re not talking about a book here,  a board game,  we’re talking about food,  delivery contactless right to your doorstep.   Sad that this company does what they feel.  How about the seller has to pay the fee of 10%,  then has to ship it to the carrier,   we have our own shipping,  the point is Mercari is no good.