Product Supplier: WhatZ the Offer?

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As an entrepreneur and a Field Technician for local businesses, I have had many opportunities to observe the role that Shipping & Logistics has in the business.  Within my own business and that of the offices I have served, end-user capabilities, handling I.T. and managing employees are the most common tasks that managers have to oversee.  A concern that has continually cropped up throughout my daily business affairs has been that of how to increase efficiency and productivity-related to Shipping & Logistics.  I asked myself, “How can I help myself and the businesses I serve to increase productivity in this area?”

So began my journey.  Starting with a Local Pecan Shelling Company, I developed a shipping and logistics software that not only allows efficient handling of orders but was user-friendly. Within two years, this software allowed Orangeburg Pecan Company to go from not having an effective website to having a 21st-century program that allows for effective online business, data collection, and customer service.

The second company on board is artwork company in Aiken South Carolina.

E-Commerce System With Logistics in Mind

  • Save your company on shipping cost
  • Fully backed up in case of an Emergency
  • Remote training for your employees/staff
  • Print shipping labels out with Ease
  • A proven system that will surpass your expectations

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