WhatZ ad Classifieds Fast Delivery

Introducing this site.  Please share to everyone you know the ad below.  We’re interrupting the delivery industry.   Even if you have an issue with Google algorithm,  we can solve the problem faster.

Get your alcohol delivered fast.   $15 off of $30.   Click on that beer tab under Deliveries to your doorstep.  First one.

Don’t forget to go to Steve’s selling site, too.  Quick reminder we don’t pay a preview fee(Amazon charges 30% per any sold items.) This doesn’t include FBA.  FBA is another storage fee.   Ebay charges over 10% plus more depending on items.  Not always the price,  the value.  We will work out any deals with anyone, guaranteed.

Ex.   You see an Iphone for $699.99 ,  Amazon charges that seller well over $200, no matter how long.  This is minus shipping.  The shipping price on Steve’s selling site will indicate roughly how much.

We control the search engine with specific keywords organic.  Nobody can touch it.  We also have our own ad agency in house where we control the work flow.  More below this ad.


Beer promo,  click on the desired tab for more.

Pecans delivered in 2 business days with fed ex or USPS

Steaks delivered super fast to your door step

Seafood delivered fast to your doorstep.