Delivery, World Domination

You heard that right.

Would you the 21st-century state of the art delivery service?

Do you want us to help you build a better e-commerce brand?

Did you know that consumers have something in mind?  How fast can the item or product get to them?  People seem to forget that shipping is a key part when an item gets distributed through the carriers.

A lot of people want fast and ‘free’.   The word ‘free” is misleading.   We’re the experts at it.  Alexander used to do mail unit machines for a big company.   He then realized this.   “Wait a minute,  I have years of experience diagnosing and solving problems for customers,  had a vision about this since the age of 5,  graduated from his alma mater Rowan University for mapping,  then why can’t I help and promote differently on businesses with the capabilities of shipping items out.

We have ordered items from different companies.   The fastest items that we have are pecans(Shipping the one that Alexander started with).   Well, guess who the shipping software started with,  you guessed it,  Orangeburg Pecans.   A 5-minute conversation turned into an hour and a half.  A deal was made.   the pecans are fresh batch,  ready to be shipped out to any destination of the country.  How about a beer with your pecans? is also on this shipping.  Aikens art owner just renewed her licensing fee for the next yr.   She loves the system.


If you’re a business owner,  take note of this.  If you sell bulk,  the shipping software can handle it,  if you do FBA,  stop paying all those accessive fees,  we can help you better.  If a food product is being sold fba,  it might be stale.


We have more menu subcategories as well.

The following:

Steve Xpress Store,  ships to US and Canada

Life In Shangri La, ships to US and Canada

T-shirts shipped in 2 days.