Lease/ License Our Shipping Software, here’s why

Can you create shipping labels?
We can help you market your company, products,  drop-ship fast, foundation better.
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Read about Alexander here.   His site is also under the home page area.   You will find it there, too.  He goes into detail about how to license shipping can help any business.
Another reason you need us:
  1. Firewall protection
  2. Spammers and Hackers might take over your site, not us.
  3. Unlike other pecan companies, if they’re site goes down,  how do they expect to recoup the funds
  4. SSL security and this is huge.  If you don’t have one for your site, you’re in trouble
  5. Anyone that thinks a VPN private network is good,  it’s actually not.  It could threaten your network in many different ways.  Look at what Netflix, Hulu,  Amazon, big tv companies are doing when people want to access other peoples passwords.
  6. Too many login failure attempts shuts the person down and the programmer already knows what the problem is.
  7. Copy protection;  you do know you need this.  Hey, it’s your work protection you started it.
  8. We do monitor and watch the websites in ways.
Mail machine units range from $20, $500, $1000- $500k depending on what there is.
A contract for fixed-rate built quarterly.
Fast shipping has become a priority for consumers.

The picture below is from Orangeburg Pecans.   Thanksgiving is coming,   please order your favorite pecans today.  The carriers we have are FedEx and USPS.   Pick the shipping you want and get it in 1 -2 business days guaranteed.

Here is a quick tidbit to pass along to anyone reading this right now.  No other pecan company offers more variety,  offers a pick up at the store and no one else has customer service like this company.

We also provide ship station.


Ipad systems ,  If you have Iphone simply go to app store and look for ship station app.  it will be a major convenience to you.

Second,  we recommend you getting familiar with the ipad because it has many advanced features.  We’re not obsessed apple fans, however,  great looking features every business needs.

Third,  we can provide a customized quote on the shipping software and gross monthly percentage.

Fourth,  we will help educate on the shipping,   carriers, these devices and help your company get on the right track.

Steve 215-407-9126