Tablo, Live TV OTA With Steve

Looking for a way to save $90 per month or more? Get ready to break out the rabbit ears again and enjoy FREE TV with upgrades.


Tablo OTA DVR,  please make sure your router is over 5 ft away.  If it isn’t this causes a signal problem.  Do not plug ethernet in a Linksys router.  It also causes a signal problem.  We have this issue in the past,  so far so good.  Make sure the antenna you get is actually outside.  Better signal strength.

Steve records his lottery results, jeopardy, wheel of fortune.

Tablo DVR includes the first month’s subscription to programming guide data for free. You may choose to continue your subscription for $4.99/month, $49.99/year, or purchase a lifetime subscription for the one-time cost of $149.99.  This eliminates your Xfinity, Fios, and satellite broadcast subscriptions.  Click here for more.

Tablo 2 tuner is great for two tvs.  The 4 tuner is great for 3 or more tvs. Only one box is needed.

Here are videos below.