Steve’s Streaming Income Ventures

Welcome to Steve’s page for income Ventures.


Steve does candy machines,  the donation money is around $140- $220 per month.

Steve sells on Amazon and has his own selling site.


Would you like to earn $15- $25.00 an hour?

Here is an offer that Steve has thought of. Steve listens to nj101.5 in Philadelphia. There is a realtor who advertises all the time.

His offer is this.

Option 1:
Steve will list your item if the item sells as he would claim he will give a certain percentage. If the item doesn’t sell, he will pay the lowest cash offer. This is the Philadelphia region.

Option 2:
Steve will offer you to buy your own online store, will do a prequal for anyone, and will do an awesome customized quote for you at your convenience. Serverless infrastructure is what we deliver to our clients eliminating costly upgrades secured in our private data center all for a % of gross sales per month.

Option 3:

Steve will buy books, board games, figurines, small stuff at a price agreed too.

Option 4:

How would you love to sell Pecans? We will give you a portal on our network and you can advertise, market any way you like too! The best part is you can help dominate the market that way.

Call Steve 215-407-9126