Lottery / Sports Picks



We think it will be the Dodgers(NL Central team) vs Yankees(Houston) in world series.  Braves are tribe team.

New york= 39  Stay tuned.

Phillies make wc ????


We predict the saints sb.  Scratch that.  We now think, you guessed it.  Pats vs gb packers.  Both qbs wear 12.  The connection has something to do with eddie money and Florida.  We will explain later.  We heard maybe the Cowboys sneak in there.  Could be dallas and gb conference.

Teams we think playoffs as of now even if it just started

Saints,  Cowboys(Eagles barely get in), Packers,  Chiefs, Steelers, Browns???,  Bears, Chargers, Rams.

Pay attention to the pregame shows on any nfl team which indicates who will win.

For example,  here in Philly,  there is sportsradio 94 wysp and 97.5 fanatic.  So depending on your city and state,  listen carefully to ESPN.  If one objects that is who wins.

Pay attention on NJ101.5, when they plug in the sports betting websites.  The guy usually predicts who will win the MNF games.

These aren’t guarantees, just giving our opinions.

Colts claimed retired Luck,  Lucks father was qb and now xfl commissioner via Vince Mcmahon.  Luck could be qb for that houston team.


Cowboys and Steelers have a nearest area code of 214 and 412.

They both could be 12-4??


Okay,  we will give you heads up.  As far as videos are concerned.   On mm,  look for doubles,   look for flips, certain ones.   The number could be right there.

Powerball,   do three small pyramids.   Do a right, center, left.   Depending on a number odd or even,  if that number is more than 2 then either flip or utilize that number.