Sports Pick

Here we go.   We can’t give out link or websites where we get the info from.


49ers can be 49win  mnf.  49 days left.   one time not every yr line up.  25 losses giants =25.

molan is getting 1st two career starts.   jimmy g high hopes argument.  molan drafted player .  his 2nd against giants.

birth of new star qb position.  big star???   more relatable story.

rise of new fading of old eli.   25 losses giants =25.

giants 22-38-1  23 win date 83 days bf superbowl.  ny=39.   jed york 3-9 born on.   23 prime.   39th loss ny=39

49ers  pickup  loss  26 eli=26.


93 stands out molis 93.  mnf 33-   ny 33  16 gematria 23


223 connection    141  california.

61 eli road win.

giants could be 1-8  18??