Yes we actually still sell on the site , not as much.

Ebay doesn’t allow sellers to leave negative or neutral feedback.  It says it on ebays website in the feedback area.

Some  sellers are selling Amazon Fire Stick and misleading customers about the item.  Sellers open up new, factory sealed item, claim it new and uploading illegal material, however, the item is used and defective.  If you see one being sold, report it to ebay and report it to Amazon.  If you buy one, ship it back.  It’s against the law to download uncopyright material.

The shipping cost is misleading.  So, if you sell an item, lets say an xbox360 and you look to determine which carrier is better, than it’s not good.

Good information to know about Ebay.  Ebay might be global, however, once you know the insights of what ebay really does you might want to consider selling on Amazon,  Toucandeal, maybe Bonanza, and other sites.
Ebay was once a friendly community of buyers and sellers – some big and some small – but Ebay treated ALL buyers and sellers as both important to Ebays success. Once Ebay became the largest selling platform in the world, they pulled up the ladder on customer support for sellers and only concerned themselves with the buyers experience.
Ebay changed in 2008-2010 and be came almost exclusively concerned with pleasing buyers at sellers expense. There is no way to send an email to Ebay customers service, only outsourced telephone calls and they will not call you back. This lack of customer service and ignoring the needs of sellers is one of the factors that drove so many “loyal” Ebayers to sell on Amazon where buyers and sellers are both treated as customers of Amazon with an aim to provide customer service to both.
Paypal is the big elusive guard dog behind Ebay, they look like a bank, act like a bank, but are not regulated like a bank. They hold money for indeterminate periods of time for reasons that cannot be explained – usually because Ebay says so.
Sellers hope with the separation of Ebay and Paypal into two companies later this year, 2015, that cooperation will be less and the playing field will be more level.