Michelle The Meticulously Creative Manicurist

Introducing,  Michelle Kelly.

For customized quotes & appt,  please email steve.forman73@outlook.com, Call 215-407-9126.  Thank you.


Michelle is a licensed cosmetologist in the Philadelphia area. In the last 20 yrs, her passion and specialty are in as follows:

  • nails
  • facial & body waxing
  • relaxing, cleansing facials.

Her expertise and creativeness to clients is a priority on how to better care for nails on any client at all.

Her job is to make sure that clients and new customers have an excellent and better experience.  When you get your nails done, it’s personal and personalized because not everyone is the same.

She adds this to consumers:  Make sure the nail technician or salon that you go to isn’t using a product that contains MMA.  Other “salons” use that substance and it’s not good for the nails or skin.

Stay away from formaldehyde in them.  Be cautious and ask the salon if you’re not sure.



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