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Cable TV is a staple part of many people’s lives as it brings us our daily news, sports, and entertainment.  But, in recent times, many of us have experienced a steady increase in the amount of money that it costs in order to retain even the most basic television plan.  Rather than continue carrying the burden of an ever-increasing cable TV bill, there are a variety of options to address this including cutting one’s cable or satellite television connection.  While cutting cable or satellite television isn’t for everyone, it is easier to do nowadays than one might think.  Through my personal experiences, I hope to explain the simple process by which you can also save money while retaining access to your desired news, sports, and entertainment.

Let’s begin back in the year 2006, Alexander and his family were still connected to satellite television.  Like many other households, they were paying $150 a month for a plan that included many channels and services that we were not utilizing.  2006 was also the year that Netflix began offering its now-famous streaming services as well as its DVD rental via mail program.

My family purchased a Roku box that, when connected to one’s internet, allows one to access one’s Netflix account via their television.  It is this basic set-up, in conjunction with Netflix easy to use, ad-free programming, which drove us to make the decision to cancel our satellite TV service.  Since then, I have paid only $11 a month for my Netflix subscription which provides me with access to more movies and TV series than I will ever be able to watch in a lifetime.


Can you pick our brain about this with internet and tv services?  The local tech that we met, his name is Alex.  Nobody knows an Alex like this guy.  He showed us Roku back in 2010,  it was at the time the first streaming media player, it was awesome,  we saw a 1963 Chevy commercial on we think it was crackle believe it or not.    He also mentioned the value and not the price.   We need more demos.

Years later we have Roku in 3 different rooms.  We have tablo in the basement 7 ft away from the Router.  Tablo is OTA broadcast TV live and local.  We only pay $5.00 per month for it.

Roku,  the alternative for Cable TV, can deliver all your TV needs without the high cost of cable TV.

Watch how much money you’re really saving. My mom was convinced to switch from Directv after having the service in her house for over 16 yrs.

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