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Hi.  First, you need hi-speed internet.  The router that looks like a rectangular tower which should show your wifi password stuff on it.  Ex.  Verizon Fios router has the earth globe image and wifi signal.

Comcast routers are bigger, bulkier,  has different lights on it.  It looks like an alien space ship.  It is also colored dark black.

Can you pick our brain about this with internet and tv services?  The local tech that we met, his name is Alex.  Nobody knows an Alex like this guy.  He showed us Roku back in 2010,  it was at the time the first streaming media player and it was awesome.    He also mentioned the value and not the price.   We need more demos.

Instead of paying $175 per month for things and necessities you don’t need,  start with an email or phone call.   You’re already paying a recurring fee from your hi-speed internet provider.  That is correct.

Hey, Mr./Mrs. client and more potential buyers reading this,  you know my purpose is to help you become so happy with the help that I will provide that you will gladly introduce me to at least 3 people that you really care about.  Before I even help with tv streaming or hi- speed internet services,  in fact I want you to be so delighful with the help that I will provide for you that at the end of our transaction.

By the time we done business together I will ask for at least 3 people that you really care about and introduce to me.  Does that sound fair enough?   Can I get some advice from you the buyer?

Watch how much money you’re really saving. My mom was convinced to switch from Directv after having the service in her house for over 16 yrs.

Click on any desired you want to.  One Roku per tv.

We have a great product; fast shipping right to your doorstep because it saves consumers more than that, and guarantees you fewer headaches from the providers.

Roku Premium Subscriptions

Why pay high priced TV service when you can get affordable, streamline services that we offer?  For more info and consultation,  please call 215-407-9126