Roku: How did it start?

Roku was founded by Anthony Wood in 2002, who had previously founded ReplayTV, a DVR company that competed with Tivo After ReplayTV failed in the marketplace, Wood worked for a while at Netflix.   Netflix,  would mail out dvds to customers,   so Netflix and Roku made a deal to start streaming movies and shows.    This was the start,   then Hulu and then Amazon Prime, and now with over 2000 channels.

Stream and save with Roku

Roku is a streaming media player,  a streaming media stick, a tv which are sold in various retail outlets throughout the country.

As far as DVRs,   check out Tablo Tv.  We have tablo.   Tablo, connects to your internet as well via Roku.   You get your live, local tv stations . The catch is that you’ll need to be a Tablo OTA DVR subscriber to get the functionality, which costs $4.99 per month, $49.99 for the year, or $149.99 for a lifetime subscription.

You will also need a hard drive,  we suggest wd hard drive,  it does last longer, and for about $64 which we had to purchase the 2nd back in November.   This article is being typed on June 9th.

We had a 1tb,  however due to drive space,  we were urged to upgrade.  Never had a problem.

With tablo,  you need to scan channels.  We were told to keep check marked channel 2, 6, 10?    depending on your area.

We live in Philadelphia so metv is channel 2,  channel 6 is abc,  channel 10 is nbc,  you get the point,  we were told to scan.

When you check mark the live local channels,  you scan for updates,  That is it,  no more calling your satellite or cable tv provider for anything.   Internet is required,   An antenna will work indoors or outdoors depends on frequency.


Buy the $150 lifetime dvr,  your bill should be around $35- $50 per month depending on subscription services9Netflix, Hulu, prime, etc).  Your internet bill should be around$55- $85 per month,   Now the phone.    We recommend Ooma phone service.   However,  most people do have cell service.

Phone providers might have a deal if you have a specific service in your area.  Call and ask for details.  We have Verizon Fios so typically Steve’s phone bill is around $145 per month and gets a percentage off because of the Fios.


Hulu Plus

Amazon Prime

Some of the major tv networks like cbs charge a monthly subscription fee.   So does hallmark channel.

If you love qvc like my mother does, it is part of tablo and qvc hsn has their own streaming channel for free.