RIP my dad; 3 yrs ago

I didn’t know if I was going to post this on here at all.  This page reflects on my dad.  He was a CPA, awesome father, husband, grandfather.  Avoid the two big Tax companies.  They steal your money, they take your refund,  they charge per return. Simple.

During this time, he would be doing taxes, meet with clients, even take call from clients.  How many actual contractors do that?

At about 12:30pm,  back in 2016,  that changed my life ,my moms life, my brother(Handicapped), my sister and her families life for good.  Bill had a massive heart attack in the back of his brothers car,  while going to another funeral.  His lasts words were from what I gathered were,  “What a way to celebrate Valentine’s day,  and we have to go see another cousin get laid to rest”.   That was it.  My uncle said, “Yes, Bill unfortunately”.   Well, when my uncle and aunt said  “Bill,  Bill,  you okay,  he didn’t answer and his head was down.   He was rushed to the hospital.  No pulse,  no heart rate going.

I was working and I patted him on the shoulder because he was looking for a coat jacket and blind in his right eye.  I said ”  See you later,  I am out to work”.   His last words were,  okay, see you later.


I even have dreams that he is in the living room or the kitchen and seeing him there.  Scary it sounds.  He was 69.