Philly Wire Guy


Welcome to this page.  Our job is to make sure you have a better experience with us and spread the word to others.   For more consideration,  please call 215-407-9126.

We declutter any cable wiring that there are.

Per visit, please have your TV remote(not your current TV provider)  the remote that came with the TV.

Email for a consultation fee,


  • TV(Make sure you have warranty)
  • Assist you in calling your Internet and TV provider to ensure you can stream with the equipment
  • Explain the process of the streaming channels
  • clean up your tv area
  • get rid of unwanted wiring not necessary
  • clean and dust your area
  • vacuum your area

Trust Steve.  When his mother called Directv to cancel, that wasn’t a hassle.  What was is what we found that techs do and you probably don’t know.

If you have homeowners ins,  you might want to check with your policy just in case.