Watch MeTV on Tablo

Are you interested in cutting the cord as my mom has done for the past three weeks?

My mom figured the amount  she was paying each month for cable channels and broadcasting “wasn’t worth the cost of it.”

She watched more broadcast TV,  QVC, Seinfeld, and hallmark channel.

So, after a couple of months, phone calls to direct tv and frustrated,  she did the math.  She decided to cut the cable cord, turning to Verizon FiOS, just for her internet service and cutting her TV bill in half.  Now,  she knows she has Verizon FIOS internet,  Hulu plus, Tablo,  and phone.

After realizing that Directv’s protection plan wasn’t worth it, she called and finally cancelled.

Steve’s mom is far far from alone. The number of people ditching their cable TV service to stream shows over the internet to their television, smartphone or tablet is skyrocketing.