Mail Unit Machines

We will pay for leads.

ISO any companies that have Pitney Bowes or any other mail unit machine.

Do you already have a postage meter?

Who is your current provider?

When do you need the postage meter?

Are you rent or lease on the machine?

How much do you spend per month?

We have the right machine for you,  no matter how big, how small, mailings, etc.   Warranty is available.

If you have a mail unit machine, you have to be thinking about this.   What is the cost of the unit?  Companies could be charging $200 lease/rent payments.  How about $33.00 per month for your very own?  Alexander is going this route,  he will get you a better rate with postage.  Alexander used to service those same machines.

Alexander is the solution to this.  He was an independent contractor for a company that has these mail unit machines that probably cost more than the entire office itself.

If you want to save money in a recession,  we can help.

Please, pick up the phone and call Steve.  We will help you.

Call Steve for customized quote, no obligation.




We spoke to someone that worked for a company for a couple of months on an internship.  There is a high turnover rate, never had the same person per month.

We can save clients lots of money rather than utilize Pitney Bowes machines, and get them wholesale postage rates better than Pitney can.

Don’t renew your contracts with the big companies.

We will setup the accts with these machines,  Amazon finance if the customer doesn’t want to buy it outright.