Our goal is to Eliminate A Monthly Cost

Here are options about the benefits we have for you, and any new clients that are on board with this.

  • Hosting with us eliminates a monthly cost and gain peace of mind.
  • Remain and protected with an awesome firewall and security area.
  • No other companies/ mailing company/ small businesses have this type of reputation
  • The programmer was involved in real estate.  He helped blossom a company called,  Aiken Prime Realty and was won over by the broker.
  • The programmer has had experience dealing with mail units and has found a better solution to any businesses out there.
  • The owner that controls this site begged for him back, because of his reputation to excellent and quality service.
  • An elderly client specifically called him up for a problem with her internet network.  It goes to show she doesn’t trust the big companies at all.
  • If you desire your current hosting company,  we will work with that option and show you on the part of Leasing licensing with us.  You might then think of changing your hosting because not all hosting can handle what we know of.
  • We need to know which carriers you have.
  • We can accommodate the hourly rate amt if need be.