Any Company that ships, Amazing Opportunity

Do you want to go from zero to hero overnight?

Check out Orangeburg Pecans.  The owner needed leverage and marketing so he talked to Alexander.  Mission accomplished.  In fact,  the Choc covered Pecans are up for sale again.  They’re the top seller out of all the pecans.  They’re dark choc, not milk choc like some places use.

Fed Ex announces shipping rate changes in 2020.  Another shipping increase, more reasons why companies need Shire Conn software to stay up to date on charges.

Do you sacrifice your business and the hard work you put into in?

Look no further.   We can help.  FREE,  customized quote and discuss what we can do.   215-407-9126,  email

The hurricane season has no effect as to where you’re located at.  The tracking that this software has is better than ebay, Amazon, etsy, 1800 flowers,  Shari’s Berries(FTD).   It is ,  we will prove it.  They hire Phillipines to do their cheap dirty work for them.

We don’t deal with third party sourcing.   We pay $15.00 hr.

We’re in search of retailers that are struggling.  We can lift anyone up and revolutionize anyone’s bottom line.

We will train their employees to be efficient and more productive.  We will eliminate their cashiers by implementing Alexander’s e-commerce software.  We will install the accountant system inventory system and our world class shipping and logistics system.

If you don’t believe that our shipping logistics software works, then order on the category tab where it says Pecans delivered to you in 2 business days, guaranteed!  ISO bakers, bakeries, churches,  organizations,  fundraising opportunity.

Here is the link faster.


Call Steve @ 215-407-9126,  he will email the owner of that company.

Feel free to ask the about the process of how the shipping software works.  He is the referral and the company has this software for the past 3 yrs.

We order pecans from this company and will only order from them.  Variety is awesome.  Pecans are awesome.  Dark chocolate we order not milk chocolate like some companies claim.


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