Flower Delivery: Unwanted fees, big companies not real photos before you order

First,  we order flowers from a local mom and pop shop.  We get what we want as different selection,   pictures on the website are accurate.    Sometimes,  we go to another one as a backup.  We don’t utilize FTD at all.   The shop owner we talked we agreed not to mention their name, however, the shop owner placed a fake order and showed us exactly what the big companies do and how they get away with what they do.


Here is what we found,  Clearly this customer claims the big company photoshops and posts on the site.


You see the ads everywhere,  you see them on different occasions.   Please take note before placing that delivery order,  the big companies impose a hidden fee they don’t expect you to see.  Another company associated with the big floral company,  we’re not mentioning who,  we decided to order some cookies and other arrangements,   the customer service is in the Philippines,  and those workers are probably getting below minimum wage.


When we get the chance to,  we will get the floral owner to let us know what to look for and a screenshot of what order they seen and almost placed.