FAQ about tv services

Do I need hi speed internet?

Yes.  You need an internet connection with the wifi router to unlock in the setttings.  Your current internet setup will do.  If you’re having problems with your setup, you might need to speak to your provider.

If your provider is throttling your speed,  you might want to switch.

Do I get all the channels out there that everyone else is hyping up about or I am hearing about?

No.     If you want to cut the cable cord correct,  we offer 30 day money back guarantee.  If you need assistance with wiring, router,  connection,  we can help.

How do I get live tv?


You have options.  One is Youtube,  One is hulu plus.  The other one is the DVR box that broadcast OTA Live tv and our favorite tablo tv.  Tablo, the dvr that we have connects to the router, then on roku simply get the app content channel and you’re set to watch anything OTA.  AN antenna and a hard drive is required.

What channels do I get on roku?

Content that is already on roku .  This includes netflix, hulu plus, amazon prime, subscription channels, free channels(crackle, youtube, etc.)

How many boxes do I need?

Well, for roku  you have streaming stick, streaming media players, and tvs.  One per room.

Tablo connects to your router usually via the ethernet.  There is a newer tablo version that makes it easier for you to install.

2 tuner(1 box) for up to 2 tvs.  tablo 4 tuner(1box) for 3 or more tvs.