Shire Conn: Amazon charges 18%, we will beat it!

Forget about paying Facebook and Google searches when it doesn’t work.  We have the secret to any business success.  Don’t believe what you just read.   We have pecans shipped and they have our organic searches,  we will be helping sell bbq sauce.

Amazon charges 18% listing and sales fee, correct!  Ebay charges 10% on listing fees,  charges in their promotions even though they claim free listings and it’s not free. Ebay charges fees if you recur the listing that you have been trying to sell.   Both global empires still rule.  Do the math, the next time you pay a monthly statement take a look at what you’re paying.

Shire Conn wants to charge 12% gross monthly percentage sales and that is cheaper than what Amazon does.  Amazon algorithm, you need to figure out the keywords to keep sales going.  Whether it’s book, boardgames, figurines, etc.,   if there is something you are selling and don’t have marketing capabilities,  we will help.   Read below what we can do for you.

ShireConn:  The true All In One Business Software!

Starting with a sales portal for your customers to place their orders, to an inventory system fir for your warehouse staff, to a full accounting software built in,  shipping & logistics software in sync with all shipping carriers,  and lastly an automated advertising program eliminates paying for ads.  Driving organic growth to your bottom line.


Not to mention the CEOs fully hosted software on the CEOs secure network of servers,  which will eliminate any downtime from system failures.   Just plug a new computer into your high speed internet and login to your personal back office and your back in business.

Call Steve for free consultation and get on board.