Drop Shipping Success


As you probably explore the menu tabs on this site,  we do dropship.   It’s actually really unique and awesome.  We have advertisers and the new iPhone 11.  Used to have Samsung note8,  Steve was having port charger problems with his existing phone which were a replacement phone.  Don’t you just hate that when your current carrier and certain restrictions?

Steve currently has Verizon, used to have Sprint.  Now as his friend and partner who also does Amazon and incredibly earned $1800- $3400 in one month,  you have to wonder what could possibly sell to get more customers.  We sell pecans, coffee beans, computer products, seafood, and more.

Steve will earn back $420 or more by the middle of the month.  Sales ,  possible $7-$10 per coffee beans sold to clients all over the US.  Steve simply clicked the sell on amazon, looked for his product and posted it to his inventory.  He then put in 3 in the inventory, within 45 minutes September 30 of the product in the inventory his iPhone 11 vibrated and it said,  Sold, ship now, Coffee beans.  Steve was shocked that it was a sale.  Holy cow.

This will pay his Verizon bill,  his iPhone upgrade,  maybe a portion of a credit card.  He lists products up successfully to both Amazon and eBay and when customers click on an item,  Steve goes to the site and click for shipping with info and that item gets shipped to the customer within the time.  Steve is focusing on possibly 20 different items.  The best part is Steve doesn’t have to see the item,  just click click click.  That is it.

We started with 3 coffee beans,  then went to 10,  now at 16, it might go to 30, it might go to 100 and sales are pretty good.

We want companies where we can not only drop ship,  we want to establish the shipping software so that when customers place their orders for any product the product gets to the doorstep in 2 business days.

We want to do drop shipping.  Any company that needs help selling their products and services,  let us do the work for you.

All companies that are reading this right now.  If you have over 4 days shipping,  you need to switch to us, immediately.  If you only do one carrier,  you need to switch to us, immediately.

If you’re going through social media,  all those companies have a specific algorithm that is the specialty to the big companies that cater to big fish, not the little guy.

We even have the rates and depending on carriers.  Think about it.  You don’t have time to do it,  we will.  Plus,  this will introduce you to the powerful shipping software.

We’re asking for a gross monthly percentage and we will let you know what the startup costs are.  Surprisingly, it’s not as bad as you think.



For more info and customized quote:


Steve  215-407-9126

Email steve .forman73@outlook.com