Why Choose Shire Conn

  • The Software is adapted to when a price change happens with carriers like USPS, while other competitors are left scrambling and don’t know what to do.
  • Awesome and Better rates you won’t get anywhere else with carriers by saving a lot of money
  • The knowledge that the company has
  • More profit, More sales, Less hassle
  • Easy to use interface
  • Better integration

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Having noticed, you might not have a corporate online presence outside of social media; we would like to offer our services. For customized quotes,  contact Steve 215-407-9126.   Email steve.forman73@outlook.com

The Programmer has developed a business-friendly E-Commerce shipping and logistics system for businesses that wish to expand their business to include an online presence.  A company in Orangeburg, SC, Orangeburg Pecan Shelling Plant, has implemented this system for the past two years and has seen exponential growth in sales and shipping-related savings.


Provided below is a summary of the system features and the yearly breakdown cost of utilizing the system.   The offer would be to license the programmer’s software to your company in exchange for  Gross Sales from the online system.


Features of the System


  1. Automating the Order Process
  2. Online Order for In-Store pickup service
  3. Online Catalog for customers to Buy From
  4. Last Mile Delivery Network integration
  5. Gain Access to USPS and FedEx wholesale shipping rates
    1. while charging retail customer rates
  6. Access for Firewall and Security Appliance
  7. Easy shipping label creation
  8. Training on the system
  9. Unlimited E-Mail addresses eliminating Google and Yahoo (Free Email services)
  10. 24 / 7 / 365 monitoring and E-Mail Technical Support


Yearly Breakdown


  •  (Domain Registration Fee)
  •  (Secure Socket Layer Certificate)
  • (FedEx API integration fee) — You Don’t need to have both carriers – Just minus the fee from your total
  •  (USPS API integration fee) —- You Don’t need to have both carriers – Just minus the fee from your total
  •  (Firewall and Security Service fee)