Math Education 101

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My parents had directv for 15 yrs.  My dad passed away in 2016 and wasn’t convinced even when he did the math at the time.  The problem with some people they can’t adapt and used to certain things.  As of 12-4-18,  my mom finally cancelled Directv.

Let us remind you,  it’s not the price of the item,  it’s what you’re getting for it.  A lot of people think price.  Think about that.

We did the math.   This is what my mom was paying Directv.  Believe it or not,  she just purchased 2 roku streaming sticks,  and now she has the freedom of watch what she wants when she wants.  Her Direct tv bill was $120 per month.  Tv subscriptions will be:

cbs access: $5.99 per month

Hallmark channel $5.00 per month and she has asked for that channel.   A little hint is to look in the search area feature and look up your favorite show, actor, any title you want and when you want.

Btw, she cancelled Directv on 12-4-18, around 9:30 pm.  They only asked one thing.  What is the reason you’re cancelling the service?  Her response was:   ” I found a different way to watching tv on my time”.  She is 68 and convinced about the math.

OTA Broadcast tv  $4.99 per month

QVC FREE.  Breakdown of other services below this pic.

Breakdown of Sling tv.

Here is are pros and cons of Sling tv

Before you buy a fire stick, click here.

Apple is going to require approval of products to consumers.  Amazon to follow suit as well.  Amazon will not relinquish code.  You might have to call to activate your Fire Stick or streaming media tv source.