Attn restaurants/bakeries/food distibutors

From the owner of Orangeburg Pecans:
We are going to lower our prices on the wholesale pecans (larger bulk cases). This is for the home user who uses or needs a larger amount.  This would also appeal to restaurants, bakeries and any other customer who makes or bakes an item that uses pecans as an ingredient. Another idea is the guys who roast and coat nuts and sell them at flea markets and places like that.
          Those are the type customers you need to try to find, because they use more and you can make some money selling to them.
                           Let’s use the nice review that the North Carolina customer gave us somewhere on the website .   ALSO ,and this is IMPORTANT…. to give us a positive review on Yelp so we have more good reviews ?   Let’s get some more good reviews on our site !!