Uber going bankrupt

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I have always wanted to share what my experience is.  I have personally never gone on these apps,  it is what they are apps(applications).

First,  I know first hand about the food industry,   the ride-sharing apps,  the delivery apps,  however,  let’s educate the consumer a little bit more shall we?  The food industry is saturated now with apps(applications)   many see and many take advantage of.

The apps are as following:

Uber Eats






There are some more out there.  These apps probably get 30%.  One of our biggest pet peeves is this 5-10% back since slice claims they will handle the fee.   Everyone claims they like a discount or promo,  honestly that is not good.  Did anyone forget the saying,   anyone can beat the price, no one can beat the value.   Honestly,  this isn’t good.  Low-cost product food items appealing to most of the consumers.   that is correct.

How about the delivery charge?   How about when an independent contractor has to deliver to a stranger they don’t know of?

Our biggest pet peeve is this.  Uber,  grub hub, and slice are on a recorded line.  Sad but true.