60 Minute work week

I have discovered that too many people are working for $7.25 an hour and working over 40 hours a week. In my opinion, we need to raise the minimum wage to $25 an hour with full health care insurance and contributions to their 401k plans. Over the next 6 months, I am going to be teaching all hobbits young and old how to work only 60 minutes in the Shire. Yes, you heard me right work less get paid more! First, I will teach you how to sell on Amazon and use USPS to ship all your orders from your mailbox. Stay tuned hobbits in Aiken South Carolina, soon you will tell those low wage employers your fired.

Fellow hobbits the first lesson on setting up your Amazon store continues today. First thing, is to get a handle on shipping and logistics. Goto your account settings and look for shipping settings. Setup shipping templates, this way when you add inventory you can easily select the appropriate shipping for that product. Here is all the hardware I use for my Amazon store; made a public list on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/1AKP4S8RKSPLT?ref_=wl_share My store makes me $10,000 a year. And according to my stop watch on my iPhone. I clocked my working time at 34.2 minutes a week spent running the store. Forget using FBA only fulfill your own orders. I ship all my own orders. One product that I found sells is pecans and thanks to a local pecan shelling company in Orangeburg, SCwww.uspecans.com. They only sell by the case, so it makes it easy to sell individual packs of pecans on Amazon with a 40% mark up on each bag inside the case. Happy selling fellow hobbits

Lesson 2 — Easy $200 for Less than 60 minutes of work Step 1 — Install the Amazon seller app on your smartphone Step 2 — Login with your Amazon seller credentials Ready to go shopping for inventory, we all know Ollie’s on the north side of Aiken. There are more items to buy than anyone of us can buy in a lifetime. Alexander’s rules for success only two rules 1. For every $1 I spend on inventory, I like to get $8 to $10 back 2. Before you purchase items scan them with the Amazon seller app When, you scan an item look at 3 things; can I sell this item, is it in demand or a slow moving item, and how much does Amazon recommend to sell item. They even give you the potential net profit. Doesn’t get any easier than that!!! Homework assignment — Goto Ollies to get inventory for your store Limit yourself to $100 for inventory, this should yield you $1,000 if you follow my rules. Have a blessed day