Truth Exposing About Your TV Bill

Do you ever look at your Cable or Satellite bill? We’re not only talking about the internet side of the bill but the TV side as well? Do you ever read the fine print?

The big companies pull that number out of Thin Air; Starting with the low price of $79.99 for channels you will never watch.  They also have the right to delete channels that you watch.  It’s not always the price you were quoted.  The big companies love to appeal to you the customer on getting you that deal which technically isn’t a deal.

  1. Hulu = $8.00 per month or $96.00 per year Add commercial free for an additional $15.00 per month or $180 per year
  2. Netflix = $7.99 per month or $96.00 per year
  3. Roku for 1 TV $99 one time fee

Let’s start breaking down a little bit.

  1. Quad play with secure add; $39.99 6mo or $240 per year $480.00
  2. Standard triple play
  3. 1st feature 129.99, 6mo-$8001 yr  $1600
  4. 2nd feature 18.00 more $150  6mo-$900 1yr $1800
  5. We will do some later on.   The $1600 and $1800 is just a start.

So, for two yr agreement and probably not including taxes and additional fees which is how this company continues to be the kings is ridiculous.  $3600- $4200.   $43,200  in 12 yrs.  So, if you have been a customer for let’s say 20 yrs, this is the amt, $84,000.

The promo with Netflix as they claim included let’s do that one.  The signature triple play is $169.99 add Netflix for $3.00 more.   As they say, the fastest internet in the country isn’t so fast at all.   The word is called throttling.  They’re not supposed to do that.  That is misleading.  They do it on purpose.   The next time you’re watching tv and notice it, well it’s not your TV,  it’s your internet provider who just lied to you to get the sale.

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