Welcome to WhatZ On Your Mind, the home of Steve’s small business ventures.  We’re igniting the web faster and have the leading technology for retail, restaurants, any e-commerce businesses than anyone to prove it, guaranteed!

Uspecans.com,  Orangeburg, SC has this system implemented.  When an order process in,  the item is shipped out in 2 days.  The owner, Uspecans,  became friends with the same programmer who helped redesign this site.   Uspecans is in the business recommendations.  The programmer has ideas for 2020.  Customized quotes are available to you for the software.  The same programmer we have known for over 9 yrs., has this site to new heights.  Ever wonder how this site gets traffic!

We specialize in a variety of services & products that help with leisure in your home and business lives.  We can help provide a  customized quote to fit your needs, anywhere in the country.  Email steve.forman73@outlook.com. Call 215-407-9126.

We provide TV Streaming/home and business theatre installation,  Leasing Our Business Friendly E-commerce Software(under Home Page), cosmetology,  Vending Outreach Program(small service vending- 47 kids found,  4 of them on our units).  Online shopping is available — more items to come.

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