Welcome to WhatZ On Your Mind,  where we eaZe your minds.  We specialize in products that help with leisure in your home and business lives.   Can you pick our brains and Introduce 3-4 clients to you care about?  TV Streaming Theater Installation,  Demo Parties, Small Vending Machines(Vending Outreach Program), Shire Conn- KeyWord Organic specialist, Web Hosting, Shipping and Logistics (Put some south in Yo Mouth), selling any items we feel like – pay per transactions and recurring,  Happy Hour delivery to your doorstep fast, Manicurist Michelle Kelly,  60 minute work week, we provide a variety of services, products, and shopping for your needs.

Each of the tabs above will tell you more about WhatZ On Your Mind.  Forget about paying Google and Facebook(toxic) ads because they don’t work.   Nobody has an Alexander like we do.  We own the organic searches for pecans.  Do you know anyone that you can introduce to us that might need our help?  Does anything on this website interests YOU? Amazon, Ebay, Etsy platforms not working out for you,  WE will help.  FREE customized quote and prequal.

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