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 Please read the website, thoroughly,  we want to make you happy.  We will eaze your mindz, with Quality items and the highest level of Customer Support.  From a new home theater(Saving over $1500 per yr) installation to sweet, addictive pecans the shipping expert’s secrets,  to beer delivery,  to small service vending, to excellent artwork,  Whatz Cooking with Alexander,  we add some comfort and reduce the stress in your life.   

The category tabs explain more of what we can do for you.  Watch the pennies,  the dollars will follow.  It’s fabulous and fantastic that you have an item or product,  selling on any platform,  you need Alexanders shipping, the brainchild behind the better shipping secrets!  WE HAVE AMAZING PERKS better than any other competitor out there,  We will work with anyone on every front developing a custom software solution for your business, and no one in the world can beat us! Other competitors have to pay 3 rd party in the searches we already know the trick.

Do you want your company as a brand on Amazon and us to represent you and explode in sales?   Call or email Steve.

The shipping is metrics,  the shipping carriers want to know,  they have to figure it out.   We have the secret,  they need to match the numbers.

Are you serious about the pandemic situation in this country?   We’re all in this together.  Would you like to conference call and speak to both of us and the brainchild behind the software?

Click here for the e-commerce Shipping Delivery Expert solution.

After speaking to the owner,  he stated that he took a Pecan company and helped the company earn $60k  their first yr on this network.   Steve doesn’t do the numbers,  Steve will get you on a conference call,  let’s do a free consultation and let’s get you started on right away.  Every customer has a unique situation,  we can’t quote until we know the job!

Call Steve 215-407-9126,  email  steve.forman73@outlook.com consultation, and Steve will bring you on board.

 Contactless deliveries,   Real reviews by actual customer,   addictive, sweet pecans or custom artwork delivery is under 3 days.

The best pricing in the Pecan industry. No discounts needed we already give our customers the best prices for the best product. Our pecans get delivered in under 3 days. with the nationwide shutdown. Who else can deliver those results?  See what people are raving about in the comment section of uspecans.com,  the comments are real from actual customers.

Can I Ask You One Question…   Do You Think… YOUR COMPANY WITH IT’S PRODUCT AND SERVICE…  IS GOING TO WHETHER  OR COME THROUGH THIS STORM, MAKE IT THROUGH THE RECESSION?  We’re blowing up Google, Bing, DuckDuckgo search engines.  Contactless payment for business and customers with a pandemic that will change retail and restaurants. email orders@uspecans.com


If you want the answer in the video below,  you need to purchase Pecans or Artwork.   Then, please email that you did order and Steve will give you at least 3 numbers.  Pay attention to the video.  Businesses nationwide need us.

Click here for Pecans and Beer;  Click here for Artwork

Pecans and Beer, Click it and scroll down the page on that site.

  Look for Seller for the audio cassette, Life in Shangri La


Chocolate covered pecans shipped in  2 days!

Search engine:  Bing.com(Microsoft)   Duckduckgo(Private search engine), we prefer than Google.

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Pecans shirt click here coffee Look for Steve Xpress Store

GeekBuying.com   Beer and Pecans delivered fast to you.

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