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Are YOU the decision maker?   We have an exclusive software offer.  Click the category tab.

Our Classifieds tab is the selling site, the first one, As of Monday,  we will have the issue fixed with the login/register problem.  We’re aware about the issue and will have fixed asap.  If you’re interested in buying an item please email steve.forman73@outlook.com,  we will assist you on your needs.  The site is picking up more steam than Etsy and eBay combined.  Do you want US to help you sell?   We provide a customized quote.  We can do Philadelphia and suburbs,  parts of NJ,  parts of Delaware.  We provide 2-day fast shipping.

Can you pick our brain about troubleshooting your tv needs?  If you’re not sure, you came to the right place.  We’re the experts at tv streaming service,  Shipping and logistics,  selling, and more

Do you want MORE efficiency, MORE control, More more profits, More domination than Google gives you,  less work for you?  Take a look at the Lease E-Commerce that actually some companies are talking about,  except the programmer runs it better than anyone! His story is under Business Recommendations category,  1st tab.   His job was maintaining mailing units.

JUST sign up and see for yourself!  Different between Google and the programmer is they came up with it first.   However,  the programmer can get the leads,  let us do the walking through Amazon and help you make your profits faster.  We’re doing it with the company in the next sentence.  The programmer actually installed mailing units for a big company and decided to do his own thing.

Start here —> Amazon.  We want over 1% of the country to order.

We ship all over the USA and Canada

  A new artist client was signed up.   How about YOU?

The Orangeburg Pecan Company (2011) from Quinton T. Wright on Vimeo.

Email steve.forman73@outlook.com.

Call 215-407-9126.

TV Streaming(Cut the Cable Cord(I can watch all the Philly Sports teams without delay)/home and business theatre installation,  cosmetology(avoid skin care products MMA & Avoid Formaldehyde”other salons do that),  Vending Outreach Program, Online shopping is available — more items to come.

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