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Hi.  It’s Steve,  where we will eaZe your mindZ!   There are different categories to choose from.  

From a new home theater installation,  faster shipping logistics than anyone else, Amazon Selling, eBay,   to small service vending, to excellent artwork,  to our store to your door everymailbox.us, we add some comfort and reduce the stress in your life.  We provide something better and the beast of solution. 

The category tabs explain more of what we can do for you.   Wanna earn more money, click it.  Learn how Roku started with Netflix(Cut the cord),  We can provide shipping a lot easier and friendlier,   Easily print USPS shipping labels from your PC or Mac.  Our goal is to simplify shipping so you can focus on your business.  Please email steve.forman73@outlook.com  or click here,  we can turn your supplies into a major profit.  Find out today!


  We are a nationwide product Acquisition team.  You want to sell your stuff,  we want to buy your stuff.

Google censors the stuff you want to see !  Duckduckgo doesn’t

Both Stores below,  why wait a week?   Notice in the arrival of items that we ship out.  We ship to Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada.


 Click Steve Xpre$$ Store.  Suppliers wanted and we ship out faster than other sellers including the warehouses.

Click Life in Shangri La,  the brainchild behind the shipping software.  Fast shipping to your doorstep.

Can I Ask You One Question…   Do You Think… YOUR COMPANY WITH IT’S PRODUCT AND SERVICE…  IS GOING TO WHETHER  OR COME THROUGH THIS STORM, MAKE IT THROUGH THE RECESSION?  We’re blowing up Google, Bing, DuckDuckgo search engines.  Contactless payment for business and customers with a pandemic that will change retail and restaurants. email orders@uspecans.com


If you want the answer in the video below,  you need to purchase Pecans or Artwork.   Then, please email that you did order and Steve will give you at least 3 numbers.  Pay attention to the video.  Businesses nationwide need us.

Click here for Pecans and Beer;  Click here for Artwork

Pecans and Beer, Click it and scroll down the page on that site.

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