Whatz On Your Mind

If you’re seeing this message,  we decided to delete what we thought would be a proficient,  substancial growth search engine.  There are key elements to search engines.


One is api key, the money amt per month the companies wanted, and something different.   Notice on your mobile devices Google rules that.


Google and Bing are perhaps the two biggest ones and we tried.  However when the two big companies besides getting an API key and trying to hover around and noticing how much it cost we needed to do something about it.

The second problem we faced is the way Joomla is.  If you’re not familiar with websites you don’t know about Joomla, word press and rv sitebuilder.  The views on the site as a search used to be in the 1000 range.   We tried youtube and perhaps we wanted to do duckduckgo approach.  Our views were going down.  As we try and create something different, you will be able to utilize this site more.  We want to make it more effective.