HostUpon Web Hosting

HostUpon Web Hosting

Whatz On Your Mind and stevehforman.com is on host upon.  The banner ads don’t lie.  If you want a better platform,  a better way to be on the web,  then click one of them ads.

If you go to youtube, you will see ads for wix.com.  Wix is a free template site, however, wix isn’t all that great.  If you’re not familiar with hosting, domain,  and perhaps any type of programming wix is definitely not worth it.

We had wix years ago and noticed atrocious errors and other problems.  It came to a point we canceled service with them.  Hostupon has softlacious, another type of third party with different with word press, Joomla, and another type of php.

Avoid GoDaddy.  Godaddy is for mediocre.  At one point we did have GoDaddy and the sales people were very disgruntled, not very friendly to customers.  Then we met Alex back in 2010 and what a difference we made.

Network solutions is paired with web.com.

Hostupon offers referral fees and plans to suite any needs for web hosting and more domains.