Turn your satellite into an antenna

Tired of spending too much money on your Satellite TV bill? Well for around $35-$85, you can purchase and easily install an HDTV Antenna that will give you quality HD TV programming.

You can use the same coax cable that you’re going to cut the cable cord with.  There are coax cables relatively for about $50- $100 depending on how many feet or even yards.

Of course you will not get as many channels as before using DirecTv and Dish, but there are hundreds of channels available broadcast into the airwaves for free from the stations you already know and love. This is a tutorial for most people who can no longer afford the cost of satellite television. Cancelling DirecTV or Dish Network will save you from $75 to $300 dollars a month. Admit it, most of the channels that you are paying your hard earned dollars for are completely worthless. Cancel the service, buy an HD Antenna, and get Netflix and Hulu Plus with your brand new roku, roku streaming stick, or roku tcl tv . You will not miss most of the TV you watch and you will be saving mountains of money per year. So ditch the monthly bill .