TV & Web Alternatives

Let’s see if we can help you with the correct decisions.  Click on any desired category to find out the best alternative which is right for you.

First,  website is hosted by Host Upon(2010).  We used to have godaddy(chinese spammers,  mediocre site).   If you really want an amazing website and really want to get major traffic,  we know someone who can help.  He might be busy.

Reminder,  all you need is hi speed internet and your current setup.

We can’t find any youtube videos for internet.  Avoid the triple play.

If you’re not sure,  place the phone call and ask your ISP if you have the right speed, the broadband, how much usage.

Our tv bill is around $30 per month.  Our internet and phone is $124.55, which does include 75/75 megs of fiber internet,  the land line, and of course taxes and fees.

The tv boxes are 30 day money back guarantee, antenna that you decide where you want it,  a hard drive to record OTA tv on your time.