Tech corner cut the cable cord

Steve Cut the cable cord years ago.  Some people still ask Steve these questions and then he realizes people are still uneducated about tv services, internet, and phone.  The phone isn’t as big of a problem.

“Do you sell cable boxes?”

“Is that box legit?”  “Is it legal?”

“I am calling about the cable box.”

Does that box get all the channels?

Do I have to pay one flat rate fee?

Here is a quick answer.  The roku, new factory sealed item, is a 30 day money back guarantee.  There is a reason why that is.   There is a reason that the price is for the box.  It’s not really the price of the item, it’s what you’re getting for it.  That is the truth.

Avoid anything with Kodi installed,  android boxes that claim everything for free, rabbit antenna that actually we know someone who’s network was hacked a virus.

Steve’s answer is this to majority of questions.   Roku isn’t a cable box, it’s not a tv tuner, it’s not a converter box.  You simply connect to your current wifi router hookup highest wifi range.

If Roku wasn’t legal, then why did roku apply Netflix and Hulu Plus on as major content channels that you can stream any movie and show that authorized content currently on the streaming media players.

Before you press play on the fire sticks think about what you’re doing.  If you’re not sure what is right for you let us know.


Let us answer this to you.   Do you know and understand what cutting the cable cord means?   Do you understand that when you cut the cable cord from the big companies that you’re disabling the tv service from the Internet provider.   Apparently Steve has to educate consumers about it.

All you need is internet.  Do you have hi speed internet?


Through the years at least since 2010,  Steve met a new friend.  His name is Alex.  Alex has been a computer tech and fascinated with computers since he was 5 yrs old.  That is passion because Alex knows a lot on computers,  different devices,  tech repair and so much more.

Alex and Steve met through and no joke craigslist.   The ad title at the time was Looking for, guerilla marketing.  Now that wasn’t technically the title, however, Steve talked to another sales friend and this friend who he talks to once in a while mentioned to use that sales tactic and three questions.  Guess what.  It worked.

Steve met Alex in Audubon, NJ one afternoon.   Alex had roku because in the email it mentioned Roku and flier job for computer repair.  Steve had no idea what roku was.  Well guess what,  after watching crackle and hearing about Hulu Plus for the first time Steve was watching a 1963 commercial chevy or Ford Commercial crystal clear and Steve was sold on that idea.