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This is the new, Whatz On Your Mind.  We wanted to give you something different in content.  So here we go.

When Steve had his search engine, he searched in his back office at different key words.  He also noticed there were many looking at pricings for tvs,  streaming media players,  automotive and so much more.  

Remember something, it’s not always the price of the item you’re getting, it’s what you’re getting for the item.

Do you know about tablo, City of Philadelphia?  Apparently people know about the fire stick and android devices.  Well here we go.

Steve can record every Eagles game there is.  If you have Satellite cancel and get tablo tv.  Click the banner ad.

One of the stories here in Philadelphia is the sports teams.  Well according to so many,  lots of fans feel that the Eagles are going to the promise land.  We predict back to back losses on the road,   a win after Steve’s birthday, a win on Jolly old nick and a loss in Dallas territory.  We’re trying to find the video on youtube about the numbers game and how apparently the games of pro sports are fixed.  Notice that, we do.