Getting Taxes Prepared

Avoid the 2 big companies who advertise on tv.  We’re not certified public accountant, however, here is some advice to watch out for.

Before my dad passed away back in 2016, he had a tax practice business and had over 40 yrs experience, he heard horror stories about the big companies.  We want to share it.  We miss him.

  1.  They both (big companies)take your partial refund.
  2.  They charge for each return that has to get filed.  It’s true and the companies won’t tell you that.
  3.  The big companies could charge roughly up to $550- $1000.  Why pay that?  Call around and ask around.  It doesn’t hurt.
  4.  Make sure you read the fine print before signing anything with them.
  5.  Go to a certified public accountant that you can trust more.
  6. You can look on PSPA website to see.
  7.  Make sure you check for maximizing or minimize expenses.
  8. If you’re filing joint, separate, etc. ,  talk to a financial person as well as the accountant.  Many def want the urge to get that refund as fast as possible.  It’s better to wait a little bit.
  9.   If you want us to give you a name of an accountant, please call me 215-407-9126.  We’re in Philadelphia

You see them on different streets.  We’re not going to mention them.   Just a little hint that Ken Jennings who was the longest reigning winner on Jeopardy possibly purposely gave the wrong question about the answer.