Cancel Cable and satellite, get Tablo dvr

The equipment is below and one click away to getting new factory sealed items.

We have dvr eagles games and the best part is we don’t have Xfinity or Fios as the Philadelphia region needs to be educated.

We will be watching the Eagles games on Roku.  Do you want to know how?    If you have Xfinity or Fios internet in Philadelphia, call your ISP and cancel the tv services.   That’s all you want to do.


We want the cord-cutting movement in Philadelphia region to growing faster. Are you cutting the cable cord correctly? We’ve got everything you need to know about how to cut the cord from your cable or satellite provider and keep the TV you love with Tablo, the DVR for cord cutters.  So, before you press play on the fire stick and learn the correct way, click the above to learn more.

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